Career Coaching with Kristy Kilbourne

Episode 16 October 24, 2022 00:56:39
Career Coaching with Kristy Kilbourne
Urban Planning is Not Boring
Career Coaching with Kristy Kilbourne

Oct 24 2022 | 00:56:39


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Samantha Ellman Natalie Ikhrata

Show Notes

Sam and Natalie sit down with Kristy Kilbourne, also know as @passionateplanning on Instagram, to bring listeners advice on how to navigate a career in planning. Covering topics from what employers are looking for in a potential new hire to what a career in planning actually looks like, this episode is one you won’t want to miss!

If you’re an aspiring planner or an early-career planner, make sure you check out the free World Town Planning Day Student Event that the Canadian Institute of Planners is hosting online! Kristy will be delivering a keynote at the end of the day with her colleague Natalie Persaud RPP, MCIP. This event will be helpful for planners outside of Canada, as well!

Where to find Kristy:



Your Planning Career

About Kristy:

Kristy Kilbourne, MCIP, RPP, AICP (she/her) is a passionate urban planner, instructor, and career coach and mentor to planners.  

Her professional background includes working in a variety of roles in the local government and non-profit sectors, as well as an independent consultant. She is an active member and volunteer with organizations including the Canadian Institute of Planners, the American Planning Association, and the Urban Land Institute. As passionate about "the Planner" as the practice of planning, Kristy is also the founder of Your Planning Career, an organization that supports career development for planners. As a career coach, she cares deeply for planners and has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of planners and aspiring planners at all stages of their careers from across Canada, the U.S. and other parts of the world. 

Kristy holds a Master's of Environmental Studies (Urban and Regional Planning) Degree and is currently a Ph.D student in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She is a military spouse and mom of 3 amazing sons.

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