Bridging Architecture and Planning with Shiva Ghomi

Episode 39 August 21, 2023 00:25:30
Bridging Architecture and Planning with Shiva Ghomi
Urban Planning is Not Boring
Bridging Architecture and Planning with Shiva Ghomi

Aug 21 2023 | 00:25:30


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Samantha Ellman Natalie Ikhrata

Show Notes

Welcome back to Urban Planning is Not Boring, the podcast that delves into the dynamic interplay between architecture and planning. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Shiva Ghomi, Director of Planning and Community Development at Aufgang, an esteemed architecture and planning firm. Shiva's unique background as both an architect and urban planner lends a distinctive perspective to our conversation.

Shiva begins by sharing insights into her role at Aufgang, where she wears the hat of a planner in a predominantly architectural environment. As the sole planner at the firm, Shiva's multi-faceted background enriches her approach to projects, leading to a holistic understanding of the built environment.

Delving into the relationship between architecture and planning, we explore how these interconnected disciplines shape the urban landscape. Shiva offers insights into the challenges and synergies of integrating architectural visions with broader urban planning goals. From her experience, she shares how finding alignment between these aspects leads to vibrant and cohesive urban spaces. She provides a window into how sustainable design principles seamlessly merge with architectural and community development projects, creating environments that thrive in the face of change. Looking forward, Shiva reflects on the evolving landscape of architecture and planning. She envisions a pivotal role for professionals with expertise in both areas, highlighting the importance of collaboration between architects and planners in tackling modern urban challenges.

For more information about Aufgang, check out their website.


About Shiva

Education and Certifications:

Professional Background: Prior to joining Aufgang, Shiva co-founded SPARC—Spatial Art and Construction with offices in Brooklyn and the Netherlands. Shiva has built a career by focusing on affordable housing & responsible neighborhood planning. Of note is that, while with SPARC, Shiva won a contract from the City of NY to reconstruct over 100 single- and two-family coastal homes in New York destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and successfully completed that commission.

Position: As Director of Planning and Community Development, Shiva is heavily involved in navigating zoning regulations and leading her team in developing compliant designs to bring projects to successful completion.

Personal Life: Shiva has been teaching “Sustainability: History and Practice” course at City Tech (CUNY) since 2018.

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