Discover civicX with co:census

Episode 41 September 12, 2023 00:29:31
Discover civicX with co:census
Urban Planning is Not Boring
Discover civicX with co:census

Sep 12 2023 | 00:29:31


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Samantha Ellman Natalie Ikhrata

Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Urban Planning is Not Boring. Today, we have the privilege of exploring the world of community engagement, design, and planning with some remarkable guests from co:census. They're here to discuss an exciting new product, civicX, which promises to transform public feedback into meaningful insights in real-time.

Joining us are three experts from co:census:

Co:census is known for its commitment to challenging the status quo of design, and we delve into the core values that drive their work. We explore how intentional engagement with underrepresented communities is a cornerstone of their approach, and why it's indispensable in the realm of design and planning.

The spotlight then shifts to civicX, co:census' innovative new product. We discover the inspiration behind its development and learn how it facilitates real-time gathering of insights from the voices that matter most. The conversation touches on the critical concept that sample sizes alone don't necessarily represent the diverse communities we aim to engage with. Our guests provide valuable insights into the potential outcomes for organizations that choose to use civicX and explore how incorporating civicX can significantly enhance the quality and inclusivity of projects and initiatives.

Join us for a dynamic conversation that promises to shed light on the transformative potential of civicX and the future of community-driven design and planning.

About co:census and civicX

co:census is a full-service solution to transform public feedback from meetings, surveys, and conversations into Insights and Reports.

civicX is a new co:census solution that challenges the status quo of the historical community engagement framework. civicX completely reimagines outreach by focusing on diversity, equity, and representation.

Have an upcoming project? Speak to the co:census team and easily access their support.

civicX alpha will be available to a limited number of users. Sign up here for our waitlist to be among the first to try this new solution from co:census.

About Autumn Beaudoin (they/them)

Autumn is an ethicist, researcher and strategist with design research, economics, and behavioral science backgrounds. Using this intersection of skills and with experience on government teams, they are on a mission to overhaul economic inequality and racial injustices by putting people at the center of localized systemic change.

About Nicole Schwartz (they/them)

Nicole combines practices of research, code, and art to foster relationships with technology that are life affirming and sustainable. Their approach to designing and developing technology is rooted in harm reduction practices that center the needs of people most directly targeted and underserved by the capitalist interests of the wider tech industry.

About Jovanny Tovar

Joining the call today is Jovanny, a pivotal figure at co:census, where he spearheads product marketing initiatives that bridge the gap between technology and its users. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and an innate ability to distill complex tech concepts into relatable narratives, Jovanny is at the forefront of crafting strategies that resonate. Beyond the confines of his role, he's an avid tech enthusiast with a penchant for innovative solutions that drive community engagement and foster inclusivity.

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