A Brief Introduction to Affordable Housing

Episode 43 October 10, 2023 00:36:34
A Brief Introduction to Affordable Housing
Urban Planning is Not Boring
A Brief Introduction to Affordable Housing

Oct 10 2023 | 00:36:34


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Samantha Ellman Natalie Ikhrata

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Welcome back to "Urban Planning is Not Boring." In this special episode, we're revisiting an essential topic that we recently covered in our class for Abundant Housing LA: "Introduction to Affordable Housing." Affordable housing is a pressing issue in cities worldwide, and it's crucial to understand the fundamentals of this complex and multifaceted subject. Whether you're an urban planning enthusiast, a housing advocate, or someone seeking to make sense of the challenges and solutions in your community, this episode is for you.

Join us as we dive into the core concepts of affordable housing, unpacking the key terminology, policies, and strategies that underpin this critical field. We'll provide a concise overview of the various approaches to affordability, from subsidized housing to inclusionary zoning, and explore the impacts of the housing crisis on communities and individuals.

Whether you're new to the subject or looking to expand your knowledge, AHLA's "Below Market Housing Blueprint" course is your gateway to a critical conversation about housing affordability, accessibility, and the path to creating more inclusive and equitable cities. Our goal is to demystify affordable housing, making it accessible and understandable for everyone. We'll address common misconceptions, share real-world examples, and discuss the importance of equitable housing solutions.

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