The Intersection of Content Creation and Urban Planning

Episode 30 April 17, 2023 00:27:33
The Intersection of Content Creation and Urban Planning
Urban Planning is Not Boring
The Intersection of Content Creation and Urban Planning

Apr 17 2023 | 00:27:33


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Natalie Ikhrata Samantha Ellman

Show Notes

Welcome back to Urban Planning is Not Boring, the podcast that explores the fascinating world of urban planning. This episode, Sam and Nat sit down with Brittany Simmons, an urban planner and creative based in New York City, to discuss her journey into creating urban planning content and how it can help raise awareness about the importance of city planning.

Brittany shares her insights on why she began creating content related to urban planning and how short-form content, such as TikTok videos, can be an effective tool in engaging a wider audience. She also shares her experience and practice in community engagement with her firm, highlighting the importance of involving communities in the planning process and how it can lead to more equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Brittany also highlighted three groups to check out, including the New York Metro American Planning Association Diversity Committee (DivComm), Black Space Urbanist Collective, and the Congress for New Urbanism.

About Brittany Simmons: Brittany Simmons is a NYC-based creative by nature and an urban planner by practice. She creates informative yet relatable video content on urban planning and design to raise awareness of the field and connect the dots of its wide-reaching, but often unnoticed origins.

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